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1991  – MOTORTEC was established as the first subsidiary of AGROTEC a.s., which was initiated by RUGGERINI, the Italian producer of Diesel engines and business contact.


1992  – MOTORTEC became the first dealer of FIAT cars in the former Czechoslovakia. Motortec subsidiaries LANCIATEC and ALFATEC were founded; MOTORTEC thus became the first dealer of Lancia and Alfa Romeo cars. In the same year MOTORTEC became the exclusive contractor for storing and distributing cars and utility cars Fiat, Lancia and Alfa Romeo for the Czech and Slovak Republics.


1996  – More than 12 000 cars passed through the customs warehouse in Hustopeče and later through the newly constructed customs warehouse in Zaječí, which were to be unloaded from railway wagons, stored and, as required by respective dealers in both republics, the wax was removed, cars were washed and transported to respective Fiat dealers shops. In the same year MOTORTEC as the Fiat exclusive dealer started business activities via the network of subdealers, including areas off the South Moravia region.


1997  – MOTORTEC purchases land in Brno Ivanovice (close by GLOBUS department store) and builds a new shop and service for Fiat.


2002  – Acquisition of IMOS Auto, the competitive company which was attempting to sell Fiat and Lancia cars in Brno and Olomouc. The company was renamed Carlos Auto and became the MOTORTEC subsidiary. With this acquisition MOTORTEC gained the second sale and service Fiat site in Brno and Olomouc. Later MOTORTEC purchased also other Fiat premises in Litomyšl and Břeclav. Overall MOTORTEC ran five Fiat dealerships.


2006  – At the end of the year the extensive acquisition of AGROTEC concern was performed (AGROTEC consolidated turnover was €180 million at the time) and Agrotec most activities and subsidiaries were sold into the ownership of AGROFERT holding. The sole Agrotec shareholder (owner) Mr Karel Losenický bought back MOTORTEC into his ownership. MOTORTEC invested in purchasing more land and launched a massive investment in the construction of the new service centre in Brno Ivanovice. The activities of other premises were terminated. MOTORTEC receives a prestigious quality certification ISO9001, which is maintained to the present.


2007  – The new service centre started operations in the area of 1000 m2. Mr Losenický continues to invest in the surrounding land and launches the second phase of the construction of the service centre, that is the construction of the modern bodyshop and paintshop. The complex service centre is created with the service area of 1 900m2.


2010  – After the merger of FGA and Chrysler the new dealers contracts are signed for Lancia and JEEP. Mr Karel Losenický, the sole owner, invests in the reconstruction of the sales area for the concern brands of Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Lancia and JEEP. The entire reconstruction was done in a modern style and in compliance with CI. The sales opening was moreover supported by the exhibition of the brands at the prestigious Brno Motor Show. All was directly organized by MOTORTEC.


2012  – This year MOTORTEC achieves the position of the best JEEP dealer in CZ.


2013  – FIAT ČR terminates activities which are taken over by FGA CEE seated in  Budapest. MOTORTEC signs with this new company new dealers contracts for sales and services involving Fiat, Fiat Professional, Alfa Romeo, Abarth, Lancia and JEEP.


2014  – MOTORTEC continues to invest in extending the premises of the company. The purchase of surrounding land brings the potential for further development and fulfilment of investment and strategic objectives. Logistics and customer comfort is improved by building the second entrance to the site. The total premises of the company are currently 17 200 m².

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